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Welcome to (or Ford 4L or Ford 4.0, whatever you want to call it.) I've been driving a 4.0 V6 OHV equipped Ranger for 10 years now and am very surprised at how little info there is on the net for this engine/vehicle combination. So I put up this site to let others know what I've learned. In those 10 years, I've also made some mods to my Ranger that would be good for any Ranger, Explorer or SportTrac with the 4L V6 engine, and I've included them as well.

Common problems and solutions:

  • Hesitation, sputtering, etc. - HOT!
  • Overheating
  • Bad Gas Mileage

  • Air Box Mod for 10hp - HOT!
  • CAI, Cold Air Intake- actual data
  • Mass Air Sensor
  • KN Air Filter
  • Exhaust
  • Headers
  • 160F-180F Thermostats
  • Stealth: Avoiding unplanned meetings with Officer Friendly.

    I bought the PVC fittings here.
    I bought some flex PVC pipe here.
    I bought my clone golf clubs here.
    I bought the headers & MAS here.
    I bought my truck tires here.

    What I believe & why:

    Disclaimer: This website is a Ford fansite. It is not authorized, nor endorsed by Ford Motor Company. No affiliatation or association exists between (aka and Ford Motor Company. All trademarks are property of their respective owner(s).

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    Stealth Ranger - Avoiding Officer Friendly's Laser & Radar traps.

    Note the picture above. Black doesn't reflect laser light very well. In order for you get a laser ticket, the laser from the cops gun has to be reflected back to the gun. The cops are trained to target:

    1st license plate (Normally the most reflective part of a car, but I have none, we are only issued rear plates here. If your state has a front plate, you can try a light diffusor cover or maybe the laser veil will help.)
    2nd headlamps (Normally the 2nd most reflective part of the car, but I have them coated with Laser Veil)
    3rd bumpers (Normally chrome, and very reflective at the right angle, but I have them painted matt black)
    4th any emblems or other chrome (have them coated or painted matt black)
    5th Windshield, but by the time they get to that, I should have seen them, and the laser detector will have gone off, and the windshield really is terrible at reflecting light (most passes thru it.)
    6th, any painted part of the car. Which the green is not the best, but it's not the worst either. And by using a bug deflector (smoke plastic) it hides most of the reflecting surfaces of the hood, so I only have a very thin target for them to try and hit at that.
    A black car with black out trim and hidden headlights the hardest car to target with Laser. So I just made my Ranger as close to that perfect situation as possible. See below for original look.

    Painted bumper black and Veil on all reflective surfaces.

    Unseen are the Valentine 1 Radar Detector and X-treme M20 Laser Detector/Diffusor (in the grill).
    Added Splash grill painted black and aftermarket headlamp housings.
    The original XLT grill and Ford headlamp assemblies.

    A sitting duck for laser.

    Thanks for visiting
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